Have you ...?

  • ... seen several practitioners without seeing much improvements
  • ... done lots of research online and feel completely overwhelmed
  • ... experienced that what's worked for others doesn't seem to be working for you
  • ... made some progress but now you feel stuck
  • ... been told you lab work looks normal although you still don't feel great

Are you ready for change ...?

  • Turn information into transformation by connecting with us
  • Heal your body via inspiration, education and empowerment
  • Uncover the root cause based on your unique health history, genetics, nutrition and lifestyle choices
  • Embark on your unique personal healing journey
  • Reach out to our supportive supportive, knowledgeable team

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Success stories 

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Health seekers supported by Dr Kelly Brogan, MD, Author of “A Mind of Your  Own”

Here you’ll find lots of healing stories from mental/emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, mood issues, panick attacks, fatigue and brain fog

Health seekers supported by SCD Lifestyle

Here you’ll find lots of healing stories around gut issues such as Crohn’s disease, IBS, SIBO, Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis and also abour recovering from chronic Lyme, mold exposure and parasite infections …

Dr Terry Wahls – a personal success story: putting progressive MS into remission

Read Dr Wahls’ inspiring story about how she applied functional medicine and went from being in a reclining wheel chair to walking and cycling again.