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Why the choice for clean and healthy products matters

Do you wonder why The House of Functional Medicine is giving away a personal care discovery box?

We are exposed to a host of toxins every day and many of these exposures are outside our control. We do know that toxins interfere with important pathways in the body and that can make us sick.
What we put on our skin gets absorbed into the blood stream (without passing the liver first) and a lot of personal care products contain toxic and hormone disrupting ingredients.
One of the easiest things you can do for your health is to replace personal care products you are already using in your daily routine with clean healthy products.
The great thing is that these products are not only clean and healthy, they are doing an amazing job too! They are protective and nourishing, giving your skin a radiant glow and the natural fragrances add to turning every use into a little spa experience :-).
We’ll soon be launching The House of Functional Medicine online boutique where we will offer a range of the RainPharma products. There will be beautiful packages that also make great Christmas gifts! Stay tuned.

Health is wealth and you are worth it!