Jungle Beauty Adventure Box (discovery offer)


Discover 10 amazing RainPharma products (total value of €96) in this special Jungle Beauty Adventure Box. RainPharma is 100% Belgian and makes 100% natural products that let your skin glow and support your health! The Jungle box has been carefully composed with a range of products allowing you to get to know what RhainPharma has to offer at a special discovery price. Available as long as stock lasts.

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Discover the following clean personal care products that let your skin glow and support overall health. RainPharma stands for 100% natural and 100% Belgian. 

  • Skin Wash Pink Grapefruit – aromatherapy essentials (60ml of pure product, no water added)
  • Body Wonder Towel – rectangular shape to allow for easy scrubbing of the back, lightly exfoliating texture which also stimulates lymph flow, its structure allows for very economical use of the skin wash, good for your skin, your budget and the environment
  • Freshen Up Deodorant (20ml) – natural ingredients combat undesirable odours by attacking bad bacteria without blocking pores
  • Freshen Down (20ml) – highly effective, natural foot deodorant that puts a stop to sweaty feet and unpleasant odours
  • Refreshing Foot Massage Oil (20ml) – invigorating and nourishing for your feet
  • Soothing Hand Bath Milk ( 20ml) –  for nourished, soft, beautiful and comfortable hands
  • Exceptional Hand & Nail Cream (20ml) – nourishing and protective for hands and nails
  • Moisturising Lip Guard (10ml) – protective and soothing with beautiful orange aroma
  • Pure Baby Daily Oil (20ml) – also makes a great massage oil
  • Natural Room Spray Lemon Grass – aromatherapy essentials (50ml)

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 6 cm


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