At The House of Functional Medicine
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to help you achieve optimal health.

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The House of Functional Medicine is a virtual clinic where we help to achieve optimal health through inspiration, education and empowerment. We take a personalised approach supported by smart teams including medical professionals.

We help you make choices that are right for you so you can reclaim your health!


At The House of Functional Medicine we build on the power of a multi-modality approach and the combination of conventional medical wisdom with the emerging science of personalised precision medicine.

Here we take into consideration the complex interplay between brain, immune system and gut and work on all levels. We provide strategies that match the complexity of 21st century conditions. We apply the same approach to optimizing health and longevity.

At The House of Functional Medicine we listen with open ears, an open mind and an open heart!

Let’s transform how we care for your health together!

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