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The House of Functional Medicine is an international, virtual clinic founded by Diana Siepmann and Ann Lannoye in order to facilitate delivery of effective functional medicine care in Europe. The House of Functional Medicine provides tools, systems, education and supporting products and connects the health seeker with a team of health care professionals.

Functional medicine focuses on the person rather than on the disease. This mindset is the foundation of a thorough root-cause investigation which leads to a personalised health creation journey with lifestyle interventions at the core.

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In the meantime, we are excited to announce our first virtual masterclass for health care professionals:
Master your personal care product choices: avoid toxins, choose health!
This virtual masterclass includes in-depth education for practitioners as well as a product experience on your own skin so it becomes very easy to apply the health promoting tips in your patient and client education. Registration is open here.

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Diana Siepmann and Ann Lannoye