Corporate Health & Wellness
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Health based performance management - a strategic post pandemic choice

The universal omnipresence of pandemic related stress factors is unprecedented in most people’s lifetimes.

Never before have we seen entire nations globally being effected by stress, fear, illness, grief, isolation and polarisation for such long periods of time. This undoubtedly had an impact on the active working population, in other words your human capital.

Stress, regardless of its source, has a negative impact on sleep, cognitive capacity, good decision making, efficiency, creativity and leadership skills. In addition it suppresses the immune system and makes people more vulnerable to getting sick.

Employers are in the unique position to counter the impact on the mental and cognitive health of their employees by investing in relevant and science based health and wellness education and coaching for entire teams as well as in in-depth 1:1 work with strategic staff members.

What are your people development strategy priorities? Are they wise investments when you know that people’s brains may not be functioning at full capacity? What about employee retention which we know is closely connected to how well people feel in their jobs and how well they feel cared for?

We are here to partner up with you to support your employees to perform at their full potential. Healthy brain function and stable moods are key for getting a job done with excellence and for authentic leadership as well as for people to simply feel good in their skins.

Team Talent Care - Hybrid Health Optimisation Programme (EN/NL)

In this series of sessions we bring a combination of education, workshop style, hands on practical tips as well as science based, short exercises that can easily be integrated in the workflow. We support with follow up and accountability to make sure the new habits stick long term.

Longhaul Fatigue & Cognition Recovery Programme (groups or 1:1, EN/NL)

‘… around 10% of Covid-19 patients develop ‘long Covid’. The condition comes with a wide range of neurological symptoms, …, and has been associated with … anxiety and depression.’ (Source). We offer targeted health optimisation strategies to those affected. 

In-depth 1:1 health coaching for strategic staff members (EN/NL)

This in-depth 1:1 health optimisation programme includes a detailed medical analysis based on health history, lab work and environmental factors and will be tailored to address dynamics in the unique individual. This can be an extension to the group programme or a stand-alone option.

The alarming trends that are pressing for new solutions

'Work Stress Hampering Employee Performance During COVID-19: Is Safety Culture Needed?'
'... If the managers are unable to take care of the anxiety and COVID-19 STR, it may lead to employees’ decreased engagement, poor work quality, and errors, eventually threatening the organization’s survival in these difficult times. ...'
Sleep disturbances on the rise in active working population
'...The 5th COVID health survey ... reveals that the majority of the Belgian population (73%) suffered from sleeping problems .... These patterns of increased sleeping problems can be attributed to the anxiety and stress caused
by the pandemic, ...'
‘Worrying evolution: Belgian sales of sleeping pills increases'
'There was a sharp increase in the number of sleeping pills being bought in Belgium last year, according to Febelco, the largest supplier of medicines to pharmacies. ....'
European Parliament: Mental health and the pandemic
'…. In Belgium, the prevalence of anxiety and depression doubled, increasing from an average of 11 % (9.5 %, respectively) in 2018 to 23 % (20 %, respectively) in April 2020…. ....'
‘Burn-out on the rise in the Belgian work place'
'... 26% of the notifications regarding such disquiet involve cases of stress and burn-out that have increased by more than a quarter in relation to 2018, followed by psychological harassment up by 14.6%, ....'
'Employers must tackle war for talent in 2022 with improved people strategy'
'...And as employees increasingly take their careers into their own hands, prioritise a healthy work-life balance, ...., HR needs to pull out all the stops to keep up. Hence the people focus of today’s HR challenges. Those who can guarantee happy, productive, and healthy employees have the keys to long-term success and keep their talented employees.,...'

Time to shift from the focus on a diagnosis such as burnout or depression to true health creation and prevention. This requires good knowledge of the biochemistry and the mechanisms that lead to these conditions. This knowledge lies in the Functional Medicine Model.